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ROBERTO BIANCHI - Strength and conditioning coach Basket Cantů - First League A1

"The almost total elimination of matches not played due to injury and the possibility for athletes to train with quality and continuity: an extraordinary result which has been vital for us at Cantů. The systematc utilization of Delos according to the Riva Method for two years (2006-2008) reduced injuries by 75% compared to the preceding two years (2004-2006). In fact the injury rate decreased from 7,4 every 1000 events (matches + training sessions) to 1,5 (-80%). Last but not least: the ‘feeling’ for the instrument and the perception of its great utility on the part of all the athletes."

Atletica Leggera - ALESSIA TROST

Alessia Trost and Delos

Alessia Trost is high jump junior world champion in 2012 with 1.91 m. In 2013 she is gold medal at the U23 European Championship with 1.98 m and Italian champion with 1.90 m. She demonstrated her talent very early, jumping 1.55 m at the age of 11. From October 2013 Alessia Trost is using the Riva Method with Delos technology for proprioceptive training at high frequency and high density.


Sofia Goggia and Delos

Five cents from bronze (one meter and 14 centimeters), at the World Cup as a rookie, the first time among top skiers in a downhill race (in her career only 4 World Cup giants, never qualified for the second run). With her right knee operated three times, the last time for tibial plateau fracture last spring. Sofia Goggia uses the Riva Method with Delos technology for high frequency and high density proprioceptive training.

Roberto Nani in national A team of alpine skiing

At the end of a meeting conducted by President Flavio Roda, in the presence of the technical managers of Alpine skiing, the Vice-Presidents and representatives of military groups the athletes, men and women, of the Alpine Skiing teams for 2013-2014 were branched.The athlete of Livigno Roberto Nani makes a jump in class and from the B team, in the last season, passing for to Team A 2013/2014.


ANTONIETTA DI MARTINO wins Bronze at 2011 World Championships in Korea
She is European indoor champion 2011 - High jump Italian Record with 2.04

I've always trained with commitment and determination. I have become stronger, more explosive ... From this fall I have begun to coach the inner balance with Delos.
In my performances* there is now also Delos.
Antonietta Di Martino
*In 2011, bronze medal at World Championships in Korea, European indoor champion, new Italian record with m 2,04. Open the movie on YouTube


Athletics - 800 m - JANETH JEPKOSGEY

JANETH JEPKOSGEY - Athletics -800 m

Janeth Jepkosgei became the first female Kenyan Middle Distance runner to achieve Gold over 800 m in the World Championship in Osaka in 2007, beating the world record she had established two days before. In 2008 Jepkosgei won the Olympic silver medal over 800 m in Bejing. At 2009 World Championships in Berlin she achieved the silver medal with an extraordinary recovery in the last 70 meters. From 2008 she systematically uses the Riva Method with Delos technology for high frequency and high density proprioceptive training. She is trained by Claudio Berardelli. Open the movie on YouTube.

Athletics -800 m - ALFRED KIRWA

ALFRED KIRWA - Athletics -800 m

Alfred Kirwa is a Kenyan middle distance runner who specializes in the 800 meters. He is best known for winning the gold medal in the 800 m at 2007 World Championships in Osaka. At 2008 Olympic Game in Bejing he won the bronze medal. Kirwa achieved the silver medal at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin in the 800 m with an extraordinary pursuit in the last 80 meters. Open the movie on YouTube.
From 2008 he systematically uses the Riva Method with Delos technology for high frequency and high density proprioceptive training.
His coach is Claudio Berardelli

Track and field - Middle distance and marathon - CLAUDIO BERARDELLI

CLAUDIO BERARDELLI - Coach of Olympic and worl champions (800 e 1500 m) and of the Kenyan marathon runners of the Rosa Nike Team.

"From the 800metres to the marathon, winning or losing a world or Olympic championship is a matter of seconds or fractions of seconds. The Riva Method and Delos are by now an irreplaceable part of our training programmes, not only for the prevention of injuries and the reduction of structural stress, but also for the improvement and harmonization of the propulsive forces and the gaining of decisive seconds."

Figure skating and Dance on Ice - MIRCO BOTTA

MIRCO BOTTA - Athletic trainer It National Team.- Figure skating and Dance on Ice

"Delos and the Riva Method have represented an authentic revolution in training methods for the optimization of balance and coordination, contributing decisively to our successes in the last ten years, from Fusarpoli-Margaglio to the present day."


ANDREA MORASSI - Ski Jumping Italian record with 208,5 m

Andrea Morassi established the Ski Jumping new Italian record, which was held for nine years by Roberto Cecon, in the World Cup at Vikersund (2011), reaching 208.5 m. Open the movie on You Tube. Key factor for this result was the proprioceptive training with Delos under the guide of the physiotherapist Angelo Scarsini (Tolmezzo-UD), who let him express the power which  could not come out. As a car which must limit the velocity  because the higher levels could not be controlled. Andrea done hundreds of km to perform the greater number of proprioceptive sessions. Results confirmed he was right.

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