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They measure strategies, postural/segmental stability and entropy. They investigate the influence of the proprioceptive, visual and vestibular information on posture, on the efficiency and safety of the antigravity movements, from the simplest to the most complex sporting gestures.

All the tests can be carried out with the DVCs positioned at the same time on many segments (knees, pelvis, sternum, head, shoulders), monitoring segmental and intersegmental stability.

Static Riva Test* (monopodalic)
It evaluates the proprioceptive strategy, visual dependence and the risk of fall. Whatever the level of motricity, this test is indispensable. Duration: 2 minutes.

Proprioceptive Decay Riva Test
It derives from the Static Test and evaluates proprioceptive decay. Very important for athletes to verify the endurance of the control system and to prevent injuries. It lasts 50 seconds and can be performed “on the field” before and after a competitive event or a training session.

Dynamic Riva Test* (monopodalic)
The test assesses monopodalic postural stability. It quantifies entropy (disorder in movement control) and visuo-proprioceptive strategy. It forms the basis of high frequency proprioceptive reprogramming. Duration: 7 minutes

Stabilometric Test*
The test assesses stability in bipodalic stance under different sensory conditions. Duration: 2 minutes 40 seconds.

Fukuda-Alpini Test*
The test evaluates stability of the head and head-trunk coordination while stepping (2 DVCs required). Duration: 50 seconds.

Dynamic Riva Test (seated)*
The test assesses the functional stability of the pelvis-spine system. Duration: 5 minutes 30 seconds

*Report printing.
The test provides the immediate printable report with automatic interpretation of the results that can be extended by including a personal comment or by choosing one from those available in the archives.


Dynamic Riva Test
The first graph on the left represents an athlete with high instability of the ankle and compromised postural strategies. The second and third graphs show his progressive recovery of visuo-proprioceptive strategy by means of high frequency reprogramming.

Test di Riva Statico.


The visualisation in real time of the movements on the x, y and z axis permits in practice an efficient visual link, tracking the user with different typologies of traces: radar, bar, line and comet.

The subsequent aperture of the trials with tridimensional representation permits an immediate and intuitive understanding of the quality of the trial carried out.

The DMW can be combined with Delos Vertical Controllers DVCs for postural control (DVC feedback can be supplied with different visualizations).

The DMW software has been designed to satisfy the highest professional demands in the acquisition and analysis of data and is utilizable even by users who are not very skilled in the use of a PC.

The search filters facilitate the utilization of the numerous protocols and single trial models already structured and ready for use according to the procedures typical of search engines on internet.

The Delos Multiaxis Wireless (DMW) 3D Proprioceptive Board integrates and completes the DEB2 proposal and is the most advanced electronic proprioceptive rolling board with 3 degrees of freedom currently available on the world market.

Radar visualization in real time of the movements of the board on 3 axis x, y and z. The presence of a “tail” in the visualization helps the subject in tracking the trace. The small green circle in the two figures represents the circular movements of the DMW in relation to the z axis.

3D visualisation on the reopening of the trial permits the highlighting both of the positions of the board which the subject has explored most frequently (frequency peaks) and of the amplitude of exploration and its correpondence with the assigned task.

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