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Informative to the senses of the law 196/2003 in subject of "Guardianship of the people and the other subjects in comparison to the treatment of the personal data"

A) Premise
Following the discipline dictated by the Law n. 196/2003, giving dispositions for the guardianship of the people and other subjects in comparison to the treatment of the personal data, we furnish here the following information about the use by Delos s.r.l. of the personal data acquired during the procedure recording to this site web.

B) Source of the personal data
The data in our possession acquired through the site, are picked for via telematics. All data will be treated according to the existing law and however confidentially

C) Finality of the treatment
The treatment of personal data has the exclusive finality of sending information about product updates or training concerning Delos Methodology. The Newsletter can contain information and commercial proposals.

D) Formality of the treatment
The treatment of personal data is carried out through manual or electronic procedures which guarantee safety and confidence.

E) Nature of the data collection
The collection of personal data has optional nature.

F) Communication and diffusion
Delos does not share personal data wih third parties.

G) The party's Rights
The law 196/2003 confers to the parties specific rights in relation to the treatment of own personal data.

H) Titular of the treatment
The Holder of the treatment of personal data is Delos s.r.l.

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