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The Riva Method The Delos system is based on the Riva Method, that is, on high frequency proprioceptive reprogramming for the recovery of stability and the improvement of efficiency of movement both in athletes and in pathological situations where motor activity is highly compromised (going beyond the limits of classical physiotherapy). In rehabilitation the Riva Method mobilizes to the utmost the “functional reserves” which are present in all subjects and in particular in those affected by a pathology. The operator can select work sessions capable of proceeding automatically, lasting from a few minutes to over 40 minutes without the need for further intervention. The method also allows for the personalization of existing work protocols or the creation of new ones, starting from over 500 specific protocols and work sessions already available. The use of DPPS and DMW permits functional results which are otherwise unattainable, reducing re-education times and stabilizing the modifications induced by manual techniques. In sport the Riva Method permits the athlete to express his full talent, protecting him from injury. It reduces entropy and reprogrammes the proprioceptive strategies, significantly improving performance and the quality of technical gestures without disturbing the acquired automatisms. Proprioceptive endurance training reduces energy consumption and structural stress on body structures while at the same time increasing their mechanical tolerance. For this reason the Riva Method reduces sprains, overuse syndromes (tendinitis, pubalgia, fascitis, etc) and lumbar back pain by over 70%. Finally, it permits the monitoring of neuroendocrinal fatigue and prevents overtraining. In prevention the Riva Method precociously highlights and quantifies the risk of falling in the elderly, actuating adequate preventive protocols. Moreover, it identifies and counteracts two situations responsible for osteoporosis: postural instability and instability of the spine

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For V proprioception HF we mean visual proprioception at high frequency. No matter what the entry level of the subject is (healthy or pathological, sedentary or athlete): reprogramming the subcortical centres of control, and creating a flow of visual proprioceptive signals at high frequency, is necessary to relight the abilities of movement, the postural control and the joint stability.

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