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Bennet Cantù Basket
The athletes of Bennet Basket Cantù during high frequency and high density proprioceptive training with Delos, according to the Riva Method.
Athletics - Top marathon and middle distance runners
World level middle distance and marathon runners during propriocetive endurance training on Delos. Training on Delos is considered indispensable despite most work is done on the terrains with high irregularity along the highlands of the Rift Valley in Kenya.
Convegno Propriocezione, Prestazione, Infortuni nello sport. Cantù 29/30-06-2012
Delos Certified Expert-intermediate 2013-01-19/20 Torino
7° corso DELOS CERTIFIED EXPERTS intermediate level 19-20 gennaio 2013 Corso di 2° livello sul metodo Riva
Delos Certified Expert-Advanced 2013-11-23/24 Torino
3° corso DELOS CERTIFIED EXPERTS Advanced level 23-24 novembre 2013 Corso di 3° livello sul metodo Riva

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