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Fields of application

In rehabilitation

  • Assessment of postural stability in double stance, single stance, seated
  • Assessment of postural strategies
    • precautionary, proprioceptive, visual, visual proprioceptive, vestibular
  • Functional instability: prevention and rehabilitation
    • ankle
    • knee
    • spine
    • pelvis forward-backward movements
    • thorax scapular and scapular humeral joints
  • Postural instability (mono and bipodalic)
    • Risk of fall assessment
    • fall prevention
  • Cruciate ligament lesion
    • pre-operative rehabilitation
    • post-operative rehabilitation
  • Foot pathologies
    • flat foot rehabilitation
    • support pathologies rehabilitation
  • Postural alterations
    • Spine-pelvis alignment reprogramming in hypercifosis and hyperlordosis
  • Scoliosis
    • spine functional stabilization
    • curves mitigation
  • Cervical spine
    • Sprain rehabilitation
    • cervical origin dizziness rehabilitation
  • Chronic and/or recurring back pain: prevention and rehabilitation
  • Hip and knee arthrosis
    • pre arthroplasty rehabilitation
    • post arthroplasty rehabilitation
    • arthrosis process slowdown (functional stability improvement)
  • Temporo mandibular disorders
    • postural reprogramming pre-post oral devices and implantology
  • Balance disorders
    • Visual postural disorders
    • post ictus
    • post head trauma
    • vestibular disorders
  • Parkinson's disease
    • Prevention of fall and spine curving
    • walking reprogramming
  • Multiple sclerosis: walking resistance increasing
  • Varices
    • pre safenectomy reprogramming
    • post safenectomy reprogramming
  • lower limbs venous insufficiency: prevention and rehabilitation
  • Osteoporosis: prevention and bone remodelling
  • Spine curving: prevention and rehabilitation
  • Eye pathologies
    • reprogramming after lens changes, cataract surgery, etc

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    In sports

    • Assessment and reduction of the entropy (with automatic improvement of technical movements)
    • Overtraining prevention and monitoring of the state of form for the optimization of training load Optimization of basic coordinative abilities Increase of the expressible strength and power (running, jumping, etc)
    • Injuries prevention and post-traumatic recovery
    • Reduction of the energetic expenditure in the endurance sports
    • Prevention of the pathologies due to functional overload (tendinitis, periostitis, etc)
    • Prevention of the muscle lesions
    • Strenght development of the stabilizer muscles of the trunk to prevent back pain and discopaties in sport


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